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Actions/Decisions of Gawain
  Noble/Chivalrous Act Act of Human nature Brief Explanation
Example: Gawain’s attendance of the New Year’s Eve feast X


Attendance of all events was done out of service and respect for the king
Gawain’s acceptance of the Green Knight’s challenge in Arthur’s place    



Gawain’s journey to find the Green Knight one year later    



Gawain’s decision to stay at Lord Bertilak’s castle for three days    



Gawain’s prayers to God and Mary throughout the poem    



Gawain’s rejection of Lady Bertilak’s advances in Section 3    



Gawain’s acceptance of Lady Bertilak’s kisses    



Gawain’s acceptance of Lord Bertilack’s deal for three days    



Gawain’s choice to keep the green girdle a secret    



Gawain’s flinching at the first  wave of the ax by Bertilak    



Gawain’s decision to wear the girdle over his shoulder as a symbol of his shame and sin    



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